Saa Andrew: On the radio and in the community

Written by Alex Corey on August 4, 2009

Saa Andrew will be releasing his new album, On Da Radio on Thursday, August 6 at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton from 7:30-11:00pm. On Da Radio is the product of four years of work, and is the follow up to his album Butuneh Banda.


Over the past four years while working on his new album, Andrew Gbongbor has been completing his undergraduate degree at St. Thomas University, working with youth programs at the Multicultural Association of Fredericton, and also working as a waiter at Cannon’s Cross. He says that his music has matured since his last album. Saa Andrew’s musical style is meant for the dance hall, but it is important for Saa Andrew that his songs have meaning, and are not just music for the sake of making music.

Saa Andrew and Hector performed for the NB Media Coop’s launch on Monday, August 3 at Dolan’s Pub in Fredericton. The first song they performed was about stopping gun violence. “I come from a war torn country, and I don’t want to hear the sound of guns. I want to live in a cool environment,” says Saa Andrew, a survivor of the Sierra Leone civil war.

The performer’s work with the Multicultural Association of Fredericton has helped shape him into the person and musician he is today. “The Multicultural Association of Fredericton is a centre for the world in NB. I work with youth from all over the world and learn from their perspectives. What I sing is not just from me, it comes from all of the people I meet”.

He also sees himself as opening doors for other immigrants, who he hopes to inspire not only to survive in New Brunswick, but to be part of shaping New Brunswick.

As for the Multicultural Association of Fredericton, Saa Andrew says that they have room for more volunteers. They will match up Canadians who can speak English with immigrants who want to improve their English. “The doors are open, come in and fill out an application”, says Saa Andrew.

The release of Saa Andrew’s album, On The Radio, is a major contribution to the diversity and breadth of the Fredericton music scene.

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