Stand & Deliver Poetry Workshops – Every Wednesday until April 2010.

Written by on August 12, 2009

standStand & Deliver Poetry Workshop Begins Sept. 16

By: Amanda Jardine

Poetry is more than words arranged on a page, wrapped up in rhythm, evoking emotion. Poetry is language supercharged and ready for action, it is the vehicle for voices to engage the masses, challenge unquestioned assumptions, and bring about social transformation. Poetry is the art of living large and meaning it. Poetry is yours. Poetry is authentic and powerful speech.

In this new, free weekly workshop, you will work with others to learn how to read, write and perform poetry. Working from the ground up, you require no previous experience, only a desire to express yourself and have your unique voice and perspective heard. By reading the works of other poets, we will explore the boundaries of language and experience, consider genres and how they work, and critique them for their successes and failures. Far more than this, you will work with others writing, reading, and critiquing each others work, and then…

And then we take it to the streets! Together in groups we will Stand & Deliver our poetry in unconventional and traditional places. We will raise our voices to the rooftops and bring poetry from the classroom to the hearts and minds of the people.

The needle drops Wednesday, September 16th in BMH 202 at 6 pm and will run every Wednesday from until April.

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Andrew Titus by e-mail at or check out the FB group below.


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