A poem of peace for the 8th anniversary of 9/11

Written by R.H. Young on September 17, 2009

On 9/11, 2001 I was on my way to a Veterans Against Nuclear Arms National meeting in Nova Scotia.

We are United Nations supporters, and cheer UN Peacekeepers who say stop the killing and negiotate. We know it took global co-operation defeat Hitler, and want that same co-operation to save our world today for succeeding generations. Only co-operation can stop pollution, climate change, starvation and war.

One interview on that awful day has haunted me ever since. A woman victim asked “Why do they hate us?” She went on to reject violence as a response saying there had been enough killing already.

Sadly violence was the response. In the nuclear weaponed situation we have, it is not a time for violence but for co-operation. Eight years of living with the ghosts of 9/11 and that woman’s question prompted the following poem.

I dedicate this poem to all who died by global violence – and children who need to see our world change without violence (as promised when World War Two ended 64 years ago).


“Why do they hate us” victims asked,
Who suffered nine-eleven.
What evil force could plan attacks,
Against that world trade heaven?
Is this our world economy,
Where haves ignore the have nots,
The Planet Earth Plutocracy –
Where traders seem to have lots?.
Or just the same old “us and them”
An oligarch creation,
Where victims turn to violence when,
They lack participation?
It takes a lot of fear and force,
To dominate creation –
Or love to keep this world on course
With justice led compassion.
We turn our “us and them” to “we” –
In our United Nations
And live together violence free
As Humane populations.
The Nine Eleven lesson one:
This world belongs to everyone.

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