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Written by NB Media Co-op on December 6, 2009

The NB Media Co-op chose the not-for-profit co-operative model as we felt it to be the most democratic model for producing and disseminating media. Free from the constraints of the profit motive, advertisers and state funding, the NB Media Co-op is able to tell stories without fear of censorship and from the perspectives of those often ignored, marginalized or misrepresented in corporate media.

We rely on membership dues and donations from organizations that share our vision for a more socially just and equal New Brunswick to fund the production of independent media in this province. Join us today and help sustain much needed investigative journalism, including the printing and distribution of The Brief.

With your donation, we will continue to:
• Publish our monthly broadsheet print publication, The Brief (distributed for free across the province)
• Report on government policies that affect New Brunswickers
• Work to represent the voices of groups and individuals who are often neglected by the mainstream media
• Provide an online listing of community events

Sign up to become a member or donate here.

Thank you for your support!

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