Fredericton joins Casserole Night in solidarity with Quebec students

Written by Tracy Glynn on June 7, 2012

adam-1About 50 university and high-school students, professors, labour union representatives and concerned folks in Fredericton banged on their metal pots with wooden spoons  for about one hour in front of the N.B. Legislature on Wednesday evening. They were participating in the nation-wide Casserole Night in solidarity with striking Quebec students.

Maude Forte, a student organizer in Quebec who is studying English as a second language in Fredericton this summer, spoke of her experience organizing in Quebec. Adam Melanson, a University of New Brunswick student, spoke of the increasing costs of obtaining an education in New Brunswick and he welcomed the participants to join him and his student group in getting organized this fall. New Brunswick currently has the second highest tuition in the country. Students pay just under $6,000 a year to attend university in the province. The third Casserole Night is planned for Wednesday, June 13th at 8:00pm at the N.B. Legislature.


Video by Charles LeBlanc:

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