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Written by NB Media Co-op on March 10, 2013

Covering Flash Mob Xmas Eve 2012While documenting today’s news, the NB Media Co-op also seeks to uncover the many forgotten beautiful moments of our history when the people of Wabanaki or New Brunswick stood up for equality and justice for themselves, their neighbours and for people all over the world.

The NB Media Co-op was formed in 2009 following a successful New Brunswick Social Forum in 2008 in Fredericton where 200 people rooted in a variety of social movements gathered under the hopeful banner, Another New Brunswick and World are Possible. The workers, students, anti-capitalists, anti-imperialists, peace activists, indigenous rights activists, feminists, gay rights activists, labour unionists, environmentalists and artists gathered at this forum recognized they had one problem in common: the media in New Brunswick. Following the adage, “Don’t Hate the Media, Be the Media,” they did just that and the NB Media Co-op was born months later.


The founders of the NB Media Co-op chose the not-for-profit co-operative model as they felt it to be the most democratic model for producing and disseminating media. Free from the constraints of the profit motive, advertisers and state funding, the NB Media Co-op is able to tell stories on the side of people without fear of censorship. We cover stories from the perspectives of those ignored or misrepresented in our corporate media. We aim to combat the anti-worker sentiment found in corporate media and the effects that it has on public policies and the lives of workers.

Through our publication, The Brief, our website, social media, workshops and collaboration with community groups, we seek to create a space for various movements for equality and justice to connect, get the word out, strategize, reflect and thoughtfully and constructively criticize and debate each other.

The NB Media Co-op publishes the broadsheet publication, The Brief, 10 times a year. We seek to broaden our audience by being accessible and relevant. We welcome the dissemination of our news and opinion and only ask that acknowledgement and a link to our site be included in any reproduction.

Membership dues and donations paid to the not-for-profit co-operative go towards funding much needed investigative journalism, the design, printing and distribution of The Brief, website expenses and training more people to write the stories of their lives.

Contact us at info@nbmediacoop.org


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