Conservative government funds homophobic institution

Written by Moncton River of Pride on April 1, 2013

Moncton-Pride-2The organization responsible for defending the rights of the LGBT community in Greater Moncton denounces vigorously the $6 million in public funding going to Crandall University.

The president of Moncton River of Pride, Sébastien Bezeau, explains: “It’s purely ideological and by so it’s totally unacceptable! On Wednesday, Prime Minister Harper as well as our own Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe MP, Robert Goguen, both voted against bill C-279 (gender identity) and now, in times where of supposedly austerity, they are supporting with public funding a private institution that openly practices homophobia and discrimination.”

Crandall University received $12 million in 2009 from the provincial and federal governments.

‘Why not invest that money in research produced in our public teaching institutions in New Brunswick, Crandall University is a private, religious-based teaching establishment,” adds Bezeau.

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