Egyptian authorities continue to detain Canadian filmmaker and emergency physician

Written by Justin Podur on August 20, 2013

John Greyson. Photo from

John Greyson. Photo from

Egyptian authorities are currently detaining two Canadians, Professor and Filmmaker, John Greyson, and Emergency Physician, Tarek Loubani, 48 hours after their initial arrest.

Egyptian authorities have yet to provide a reason for the ongoing detention of the two Canadians.

“Tarek and John were in Cairo on their way to Gaza” commented Dr. Justin Podur, a friend of the two detained Canadians. “Tarek was continuing a medical collaboration that has been established between the University of Western Ontario and the Emergency Department of Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest hospital, while John was conducting preparatory work for a film project in Gaza,” Podur added.

The ongoing detention of the two Canadians is especially concerning in light of the Egyptian military’s ongoing violent crackdown against protesters and journalists.

“We are very concerned about John’s safety” said John’s family members, Cecilia Greyson and Stephen Andrews. “We are confident that the Canadian Embassy in Cairo is doing everything they can to secure their immediate release” they added.

“We recognize that Egypt is going through a painful transition,” said Mohammed Loubani, Tarek’s brother “but arresting a Physician and filmmaker and detaining them without due process is clearly a step in the wrong direction.” He added, “the Egyptian transitional Government has frequently repeated its commitment to democratic values and the rule of law. The continued detention of John and Tarek clearly falls short of that commitment.”

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