Canadian support for war on Gaza condemned at Fredericton MP’s office

Written by Tracy Glynn on July 16, 2014


Jack Gegenberg of Jews for a Just Peace Fredericton passes along information for Fredericton MP Keith Ashfield on July 16. The information included the names and ages of the 214 people killed on Gaza from July 8 to July 15, 2014. Photo by Tracy Glynn.

Fredericton – A group of people with Fredericton Palestine Solidarity and Jews for a Just Peace Fredericton delivered a list of the names and ages of the 214 Gazans killed in Israel’s ongoing assault since July 8th to  MP Keith Ashfield today, July 16th. Ashfield was not in his office.

The group expressed their condemnation of the Harper government’s enthusiastic support for Israel’s war on Gaza with reporters present.

The group left their contact information with Ashfield’s receptionist but are not hopeful that they will get a meeting with Ashfield. He has refused their meeting requests since becoming Fredericton’s MP in 2008.

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