Common Front assesses status of NB women for International Women’s Day

Written by Common Front for Social Justice on March 8, 2015


The Common Front for Social Justice is fighting to build a more humane society based on the respect and dignity of all. Photo from the Common Front for Social Justice.

Moncton – According to Wendy Johnston, “On the whole, we can say that the situation of women in New Brunswick did not change a lot in the last year. The gains made were not very impressive.”

Johnston is the author of the “2015 Update: Women and Poverty in New Brunswick,” published by the New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice for International Women’s Day.

Johnston notes the small gains made in 2014:

The gender wage gap has closed a little

Women’s wages in certain publicly-funded private care sectors increased

The hourly salary of unionized women is higher than men

The percentage of women working part-time has decreased

The percentage of women working for minimum wage has also slightly decreased. However, single mothers on social assistance did not make any significant  gains.

The Common Front is proposing a number of actions that would have a real impact in reducing the poverty of women. The actions include:

Raising social assistance rates above the poverty line for everyone;

Addressing the income needs of older women living on their own by increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement for single individuals;

Implementing a national public system of early learning and child care;

Implementing pay equity in the public and private sectors;

Implementing a monitoring system to measure progress on poverty and gender.

“We have a new government that made specific promises during the last election. Some changes that will help reduce poverty and recognize women’s rights have already been introduced. We hope that the government will continue in this direction in the years ahead,” concludes Johnston.

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