Workers’ Art Exhibit celebrates art of working people like Sharon Elsa Perry

Written by Christa Blizzard on April 9, 2015


Art work of Sharon Elsa Perry on display at the Workers’ Art Exhibit at the Fredericton Public Library. The art exhibit is part of the MayWorks Festival.

The artwork of the late Sharon Elsa Perry will be on display at the Fredericton Public Library for the month of April, along with various works made by other local artists as part of the Mayworks Workers’ Art Exhibit.

Sharon’s work is a variety of visual art that she created in the final years of her life, and are made of dried leaves, flowers, moss, etc, which she gathered while walking through the woods or along walking trails near her home on the north side of Fredericton. She taught herself to dry and press these materials into detailed pieces of art which she either framed or arranged in fish bowls. They are in two places at the library, one in a glass display case by the entrance that faces the river, and the others are on the wall just around the corner in the library’s gallery.


Art work by Sharon Elsa Perry on display at the Workers’ Art Exhibit, part of Fredericton’s first MayWorks Festival.

Sharon was a loving mother, sister, aunt and friend, as well as an artist (read one of her poems here) and a worker who spent over a decade at the Fredericton Anti-poverty Organization. Having her be a part of this festival is a way for her family to honour her life story, work and art, and share it with others. I hope you are able to visit and see the display.

The official launch of the festival is April 23rd from 1-2 pm, where the organizers will speak about the festival and the artists have also been invited to speak about their works. I, Sharon’s daughter, will be there to speak on my mother’s behalf. People are encouraged to send comments on the art or messages to Sharon’s family to You can also arrange to purchase a print of a photo of the art by email at the same address. All money raised will go towards the purchase of a grass marker for Sharon.

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