The firing of Cleary: The mediocre never admire excellence in others

Written by Art MacKay on December 11, 2015

Cleary protest 2

Signs are appearing in downtown Fredericton to protest the firing of Dr. Eilish Cleary as NB’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. A colourful rally in support of Cleary happened on Dec. 7, 2015 in front of the Dept. of Health in Fredericton. Photo by Tracy Glynn.

Is mediocrity the underlying reason for Dr. Eilish Cleary’s dismissal as New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer of Health?

It seems that Dr. Cleary was invited to submit an article to the Journal of New Brunswick Studies / Revue d’études sur le Nouveau-Brunswick last year. This well presented and excellent assessment clearly presented the problems we have in New Brunswick and the solutions that are available. But Dr. Cleary had the audacity to structure her recommendations directly to the new Liberal government of Brian Gallant. She made it clear that our corporate exploitation of the environment and the attendant impacts are clearly responsible for many of our health problems as she has done in her work on fracking and other health issues. Her current work on the forest and agricultural spray glyphosate could not have done anything other than also point out the horrific health impacts of these chemicals.

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