Berta Cáceres’ murder sparks international outrage, solidarity

Written by Tracy Glynn on March 24, 2016

Berta Caceres Presente

Cinema Politica Fredericton extended its love and solidarity to Berta Cáceres’ family and colleagues at her organization, COPINH, by taking this photograph at its film screening on March 18 and sharing it on social media. Photo by Sophie Lavoie.

The brazen murder of one of Honduras’ leading environmentalists at her home on March 3 has sparked worldwide protest and acts of solidarity.

Days after the assassination of indigenous leader Berta Cáceres, a vigil was held by the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network at the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada’s annual convention in Toronto on March 6. The vigil honoured people who have been killed opposing Canadian mining projects around the world.

Cáceres’ organization opposes large dams that are destined to power numerous Canadian mining projects. Blue Energy Canada and HydroSys are Canadian companies with projects that Caçeres’ organization opposes.

Before her murder, Cáceres named Hillary Clinton as one of those most responsible for legitimating and institutionalizing the 2009 coup that led to a militarized regime in her country.

Since the 2009 coup, the murder rate in Honduras has risen by 50%. Many of those murdered are environmental defenders and lesbian, gay and trans rights activists.

Another member of Cáceres’ organization, Nelson Garcia, was assassinated two weeks later on March 15.

Groups around the world continue to call for justice for the slain environmental defenders.

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