Critical reflections on Gallant’s NB Tuition Access Bursary [audio]

Written by From the Margins on April 18, 2016


New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant and Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour Minister Francine Landry announcing that through the Education and New Economy Fund, tuition will be free for New Brunswick students from low-income and many middle-class families on April 14, 2016 in Fredericton. From left: Zach Miller, a student at the New Brunswick Community College; Landry; Gallant; and Katie Davey, a student at the University of New Brunswick. Photo from the Government of New Brunswick website.

The NB government announced on April 14, 2016 that there is going to be a new grant for students for families who make under $60,000. From the Margins presents a breakdown of the announcement, discussing that while providing something positive for many students, the formula excludes many, and does not apply a needs assessment, which goes deeper than a strict $60,000 cut off. Listen here.

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