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Written by NB Media Co-op on March 26, 2017

The NB Media Co-op provides a voice for those struggling against the harmful impacts of dominant corporate interests in the province.

As this St. Patrick’s day approaches, how about a pot o’ gold for the independent media?

Friends and supporters of independent media:

The NB Media Co-op, your local, independent, cooperatively-owned media seeks your support to survive and thrive. The NB Media Co-op relies on the financial support of the community to fund high-quality independent journalism in New Brunswick.

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Starting this week and continuing until the end of March, we are doing a funding drive, where we will be inviting you to help us sustain and grow in our eighth year. Our goal is to raise $2,000. Please consider giving a donation or asking your friends to support our local media co-op. Are you a member yet? Now is the time to sign up!

NB Media Co-op members talking to University of New Brunswick students at an orientation day at Odell Park in September 2016.

All supporters during the month of March will be entered in a draw to win one of three free subscriptions to the fiercely independent magazine, Briarpatch.

Why support the NB Media Co-op?
The NB Media Co-op was born on New Brunswick Day 2009, under the banner “another world is possible.” Coverage of marginalized voices is key to a healthy democracy. In a media landscape dominated by Brunswick News, owned by JD Irving, Ltd., the importance of independent voices is made that much more important. We cover stories from the perspectives of those ignored or misrepresented in corporate media, including workers, Indigenous land defenders, students, and many others. We also cover arts and culture.

The Brief on display at Lotus Bleu cafe in Edmundston, NB.

By donating or becoming a member, you support critical news coverage of un(der)reported stories and marginalized voices by independent journalists. With more support, we will be able to sustain our work, grow and enhance our news coverage and increase the distribution reach of our print broadsheet, The Brief, and pay our news writers for their stories.

We also hope to bring more thought-provoking events on critical issues to New Brunswick audiences like we have in the past such as the CanadaLand Show on forestry and the Irving’s, Jennifer Brant on missing and murdered indigenous women, Kevin Donovan on the Jian Ghomeshi affair and Alain Deneault on tax havens. Be sure to check out these two events happening this month on the hot issue of fake news.

Fake News True or False Trivia Night
Thursday, March 16 at 8:00pm
Grad House, 676 Windsor St., Fredericton.
$5/door. Funds go to the NB Media Co-op.
Winning team gets a $50 Grad House gift card. Bring a team of your media savvy friends or come solo and we will find you a team!

Fighting Fake News: Tips for Aspiring Truth Detectives – A Workshop
March 25, 2017 at 11:00 am
Conserver House, 187 Saint John St., Fredericton
Join Mount Allison Sociology professor Erin Steuter and librarian Jeff Lilburn to discuss how and why fake news is on the rise.

Contact us at: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Love from the people:

Dr. Erin Steuter, a Professor of Sociology at  Mount Allison University who has conducted extensive research into the Irving media and served as a witness at the Canadian senate hearings on the state of the news media: 
In New Brunswick when we turn to our daily newspapers to learn about  the issues that are important to us, we regularly get one-sided news content that is presented in a skewed and self-serving manner. The Irving’s monopoly  ownership of  media  in our province gives this giant corporation an unparalleled venue to promote its own interests as well as insulate itself from inquiries and criticism. When our media is owned by a single large capitalist enterprise, the voice of the corporate world speaks loudly and alternative voices are often ridiculed or ignored. In the Irving papers the message always seems to be that privatization is the best solution for any economic problem and the concerns of labour and environmental groups are regularly ignored. No real democracy can function without a healthy, diverse and independent news media to provide people with diverse opinions about the important issues of the day. That is why we need to support an  independent media organization such as the NB Media Co-op. Even a small alternative voice can make a difference in the public’s understanding and action on issues of concern in our communities.  Don’t let the loudest voice be the only voice in town.

Robin Vose, Professor of History at St. Thomas University and Past-President, Canadian Association of University Teachers:
In a province so heavily controlled by corporate interests, the NB Media Co-op provides a lifeline to critical, independent, informed journalism. It covers stories you won’t see elsewhere, not because they aren’t important or interesting but because they are inconvenient to those in power. The preservation of uncompromising voices like those of the NB Media Co-op is essential in a democracy society.

Dave Shaw, Atlantic Regional Organizer for the Public Service Alliance of Canada: 
The NB Media Co-op is a news junky ‘s breath of fresh air. It’s an independent media format that investigates and reports in issues New Brunswick needs to hear. The Co-op fills a void intentionally left by the right wing sole media alternative in the Province. The Co-op reports with integrity, solid research and compassion on issues important to everyday citizens. Whether the environment, social justice, labour or the arts you can rely on getting the real story. I’ve been reading and following the journalist integrity of the NB Media Co-op for years and encourage all progressives to support this much needed news source.

Nicole O’Byrne, Associate Professor Faculty of Law at the University of New Brunswick: 
It is well-known that a free press is essential to democracy. I would add that a plurality of media voices is equally essential. The NB Media Co-op serves the public by providing much needed alternate perspectives on current events in our province.

Margo Sheppard, a long-time conservationist and member of the Council of Canadians Fredericton Chapter: 
The NB Media Coop is among a handful of outlets where you can find out what’s really happening in New Brunswick. You get the raw, unfiltered story, not the ambiguous fluff put out by the corporate print media. I love the NB Media Co-op and that’s why I will continue to support the organization.

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