Amplifying the voices of women who defend community and the land [Video]

Written by Rachel Warden on July 4, 2017

Alma Brooks, Maliseet Clan Mother, second from the left, at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Photo by KAIROS.

Indigenous women are disproportionately affected by the impacts of resource extraction. This month’s blog gives voice to their experiences and highlights their critical role in defending their land and communities.

“So we, as Indigenous peoples of the world, hold the key to the continuation of life on this planet. With that, I just feel empowered, I feel that when women join our hands together for our beloved Mother the Earth, that she will be our greatest ally,” said Alma Brooks to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) in 2014.

Alma Brooks is a Maliseet elder and a partner of KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives (CIDSE’s Canadian member Development and Peace is part of KAIROS). She was part of a delegation of Indigenous women to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) organized by KAIROS three years ago.

Read more and watch the video series on CIDSE’s website here.

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