NBers stand up to spraying the forest near Mount Carleton Park

Written by Nathan Gullison on August 1, 2017

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On August 5-7, on Route 385 near Tobique River, EcoVie, a group of concerned citizens, will be holding a demonstration to raise awareness regarding the spraying of the hazardous and potentially carcinogenic herbicide, glyphosate, on New Brunswick forests.

The “Happy Campers of Restigouche West” will be set up on the road leading to Mount Carleton Park, as the area surrounding the park has been one of the most sprayed areas in New Brunswick over the last four years, according to EcoVie.

Francine Levesque, a member of EcoVie, says the camp location is “important to all NB citizens, Anglophones, Francophones, and First Nations.”

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick voiced their support for the event: “The dedicated efforts of New Brunswickers like the Happy Campers of Restigouche West to stop the spraying of our forest are truly remarkable and will, without a doubt, result in a future that is healthy and free of chemicals.” The Conservation Council added that they look forward to celebrating EcoVie’s victory with them.

The demonstration will include signs held up for passing drivers to see, a hefty amount of literature about spraying in New Brunswick, and the opportunity to discuss the topic with others attending the event.

Levesque wants more people to join their growing movement against spraying the forest in New Brunswick: “We request your presence to assist with the efforts of our group, which is working tirelessly to stop the spraying of cancer-related pesticides, which destroy our hardwoods, our biodiversity, our wildlife habitat and the diversity of our economy.”

EcoVie is part of Stop Spraying NB. The alliance has collected over 13,000 signatures to a petition against spraying the forest. The group plans to camp at a clearcut that is slated for spraying this summer.

Levesque makes it clear that EcoVie will not be standing by while the provincial government continues the spraying practices that they currently do, and encourages the people of New Brunswick not to do so either.

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