Janice Harvey on “The Changing Face of Hegemony: 55 Years of Eco-political Discourse in Globe and Mail Editorials 1960-2016”

Written by NB Media Co-op on January 24, 2018

Please join Janice Harvey for her talk “The Changing Face of Hegemony: 55 Years of Eco-political Discourse in Globe and Mail Editorials” on Friday, Feb. 2 at 2:30pm at James Dunn Hall, Room G1, St. Thomas University.


Environmental politics entails a perpetual discursive struggle between dominant elites, on the one hand, and on the other, change agents who problematize those social structures that produce environmental degradation. Harvey’s research traces the changing face of hegemonic eco-political discourse through most of the post-war period to (nearly) present day, as represented by editorials in the Globe and Mail, the newspaper of note for Canada’s business, political and intellectual elites. This historical-critical discourse analysis reveals a radical shift in editorial discourse over 55 years, and in turn, informs contemporary counter-hegemonic discursive strategies as we try to change the unsustainable hegemonic paradigm.

About Presenter

As the Conservation Council’s Marine Conservation Program Director, Janice Harvey established the Fundy Baykeeper program and served as Vice President of Friends of the Earth Canada and chair of the Canadian and New Brunswick Environmental Networks. She was a panelist on CBC Radio’s Friday political panel from 2005-2007 and wrote a weekly public affairs column for the Telegraph Journal from 1995 to 2011.

Harvey is a professor in the Environment & Society program at St. Thomas University and a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of New Brunswick.

Hosted by the NB Media Co-op and the Canada Research Chair in Global and International Studies.

Contact: info@nbmediacoop.org.

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