Fredericton rallies for elm trees at Officer’s Square

Written by Tracy Glynn on May 29, 2018

Markus Kingston addresses a crowd of approximately 100 people gathered at Fredericton City Hall to voice their opposition to the city of Fredericton’s plan to remove old trees from Officer’s Square on May 28, 2018.  Photo by Tracy Glynn.

Fredericton residents are voicing their opposition to imminent plans to cut down 19 elm and maple trees at Officer’s Square in the city’s downtown.

More than 100 people gathered at Fredericton City Hall on May 28 during the City Council meeting to voice their disapproval of the city’s plan to remove the trees. Instead, the residents want the city to work with the trees as part of its revitalization plan for Officer’s Square.

After the rally, several residents gathered in the gallery while the city council meeting was in session. Councilor Kate Rogers attempted to get the tree issue on the agenda but did not have the support of the other city councilors to proceed with the agenda addition. The meeting was disrupted by audience members. City councilors left the room during the disruption. Councilor Rogers stayed behind.

Mayor Mike O’Brien said that the four-year plan to revitalize Officer’s Square will continue but that he will consult with staff to see if some of the trees can be saved.

Markus Kingston, one of the rally organizers, encouraged people to contact their city councilor and demand that the trees be saved.

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