Rebuilding Our Red Nation

Written by spasaqsit possesom – (morningstar burning) - Ron Tremblay Wolastoqew Grand Chief on January 31, 2019

spasaqsit possesom – (morningstar burning) – Ron Tremblay Wolastoqew Grand Chief. Photo from the Council of Canadians.

Let’s rebuild our Red Nation
And stop thinking a Reservation is a Nation
Labeling our Rez as 1st Nation
Is in reality a false decoration
Placing our people in complication
It only generates separation
We must come to the realization
We are a part of a larger delegation
In actuality a reservation is a limitation
Boxing our people into a small location
Producing the feeling of incarceration
Supporting Indian Act goal of termination
Feeding our people with intoxication
And other forms of genocidal medication
Attempting to survive on pennies donation
From pity government taxation
For centuries, we have been in acclimation
That’s all a part of colonization
Forcing our people into migration
For centuries, we have been fed wrong information
Our people need accurate communication
So, our nation will not be in frustration
Preventing division within our blood relation
We need to protect our future generation
From further land-water devastation
Teaching our young Indigenous inspiration
With a common history, language, land and unification
While protecting creation and all forms of habitation
Will help preservation and conservation
Not consultation, accommodation or negotiation
Or any promise of mitigation
We’re sick of your dictation
And the false voice of salvation
Convicting our Red Souls to damnation
Our people have our own spiritual foundation
Older than your theory of the third day resurrection
Or the idea of reincarnation
In the effort to wipe out our Red-Nation
You tried elimination of gestation and starvation
Implementing the notion of stagnation
In return we survived your attempt of mutation
Today we want true nation-to-nation collaboration
Not the continuation of alienation
From your fork tongue lies – creates confrontation
Far too long we have exposed toleration
From the result of our homeland deflation
To attain a sincere direction of motivation
Is the confirmation in the United Nation Declaration?
We seek the cultivation of our civilization
Which will result in Indigenous Restoration
In becoming the One True Red Nation
Indigenous Nations are the Original Creation

“Copyright: spasaqsit possesom – (morningstar burning) – Ron Tremblay Wolastoqew Grand Chief”

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