“Real People, Real Impact:” NB social workers celebrate National Social Work Month

Written by Miguel LeBlanc on March 4, 2019

March is National Social Work Month! During this month, over 2000 Registered Social Workers in New Brunswick celebrate the positive influence social workers have to the well being of society, particularly to those most vulnerable. This year the theme is Real People, Real Impact, a statement we believe truly describes who social workers are and what their role is within our communities.

Social work is a diverse field and the expertise and knowledge provided by social workers have a substantial impact in many different aspects of society. Whether they work in health care, child welfare, education, the judicial system or another area, social workers share a common bond; as a profession they are committed to supporting and enhancing the well-being of the individuals and families they serve.

Something that all social workers have in common is their desire to help others and give back to their communities. By advocating for the rights of others, promoting equality, and standing up for social injustice, social workers attempt to make the world a better place.

Join us this March as we celebrate National Social Work Month in New Brunswick!

Miguel LeBlanc is the Executive Director of the New Brunswick Association of Social Workers.

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