Doctor: Support removal of remaining restrictions on abortion access in New Brunswick

Written by Dr. Adrian Edgar on May 22, 2019

Hi everyone, 

We’ve been battling to get restrictions on abortion access in New Brunswick repealed for the last five years. After a whole lot of trying to meet with politicians unsuccessfully, and despite Clinic 554’s national recognition for the social justice work we do, we are again forced to turn to public charity to ensure access to what should be universal healthcare, after another catastrophic flood this month

Watching illegal regulations pop up in the USA right now is particularly heartbreaking for us, because we know they’re taking a page out of New Brunswick’s playbook. We know how gut-wrenching it is to live in an unconstitutional state, where reproductive rights are willingly violated by the same state officials sworn to uphold the law. Sadly, we’ve been doing so for almost thirty-five years, while Federal Government after Federal Government looks the other way on our Province’s constitutional violations. We cannot trust our governments to do the right thing without public OUTCRY. As long as we remain silent, they just keep getting away with it, while more and more will follow suit.

In 2014, we gathered nearly 14,000 signatures against New Brunswick’s abortion ban and they still didn’t remove it. We are trying again. This time, we hope to create enough public pressure from across the country and around the world, to make our government listen! 

Please, use your voice to pressure Canada and New Brunswick’s governments. Call, write, sign your name online. Share this email and this new petition (see below) as widely as possible! Help us force New Brunswick’s ministers to act! 

This is our last chance and our last hope.

Please read and sign our petition here or find our Facebook page, Clinic 554, for the link. All the details are there.

You can also email your concerns to:

Prime Minister Trudeau:
Federal Health Minister:
Attorney General of Canada:
NB Premier Blaine Higgs:
NB Health Minister:
Horizon Health Regional Health Authority CEO:
Clinic 554’s MLA:

NB Women’s Council ED:

Ask our local news to support us:

Ask your local news to support us 🙂

Thank you for your help!

In solidarity,

Dr. Adrian Edgar
Medical Director, Clinic 554
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

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