The Simoneau children; from left to right: James, 14, Shania, 17, Kendra, 10, with their mother Annie.
July 27, 2014, No comments

Shania Simoneau’s life is in danger.  Doctors say that mould in the Simoneau home on the Eel Ground First Nation is a threat to Shania’s life because of her severe […]

adil and kids_295_295
July 26, 2014, No comments

More than 19 years after his family came to Canada seeking a better life, Adil Charkaoui became a citizen of Canada on July 24, 2014. The Coalition Justice for Adil […]

Al and Cardy
July 24, 2014, No comments

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has raised the stakes in its bid for the support of shale gas opponents with a July 19 call by its leader Dominic Cardy for […]

July 23, 2014, No comments

On July 12 in Halifax, the Radical Imagination Project organized Beyond the Trap of Electoral Politics, a presentation by Antoni Wysocki based on his essay, Initiating Movement Towards Socialism in […]

July 21, 2014, No comments

I find watching the siege of Gaza through Facebook frustrating, dreadful and tragic. The images of dead children, dying grandparents and people who were once full of life are disturbing. […]

July 21, 2014, No comments

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick has released a short video that shows remarkable forest loss in New Brunswick from 2000 to 2013. The animated maps reveal that the picture […]

  • The Simoneau children; from left to right: James, 14, Shania, 17, Kendra, 10, with their mother Annie.
  • adil and kids_295_295
  • Al and Cardy
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  • boys_gaza_0
  • CCNB_forest_video-screenshot

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