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  • Trailblazing: Women in Film & Television in New Brunswick
    March 30, 2015, by Sophie M. Lavoie

    Five Fredericton-area women filmmakers were invited by organizer Dr. Matt Rogers, to participate in a panel discussion on Thursday, March 27, 2015, at the University of New Brunswick. The talk […]

  • Debt, our common problem [audio]
    January 15, 2015, by From the Margins

    From mortgages, to payday loans, to student debt, to moral obligations, how does debt shape our lives and our society? And how can we overcome it? These questions are being […]

  • Charlotte Street Arts Centre partners with imagineNATIVE Film Festival
    May 19, 2013, by WhiteFeather, Charlotte Street Arts Centre

    The Charlotte Street Arts Centre is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the imagineNATIVE Film Festival. This groundbreaking festival based in Toronto showcases, promotes, and celebrates emerging and established […]

  • Cinema Politica informing audiences and inspiring social change
    March 4, 2013, by Cinema Politica Fredericton

    Cinema Politica’s documentaries take us to places like Afghanistan, Palestine, Jamaica, the Congo, indigenous territories and prisons where dehumanization and destruction wreaked by capitalism and colonialism warrant our examination, ...

  • Rendez-vous de l’ONF en Acadie
    February 14, 2013, by Madeleine Blanchard

    Those cold winter days are an ideal time of year to watch lots of movies, and this winter the Rendez-vous de l’ONF en Acadie is bringing a slate of new […]

  • batman_vs_bane
    The Dark Knight Rises: class war in the dystopian present
    July 31, 2012, by Michael Romandel and Megan Kinch for the Toronto Media Co-op

    This review only contains mild spoilers as it focuses on the political aspects of The Dark Knight Rises rather than plot per se. Toronto – The Dark Night Rises is […]

  • Fredericton Film Calendar
    September 28, 2011, by Sophie Lavoie

    The Department of English at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton has had a long running project to centralize all the film information in Fredericton. Please join the Meetup site […]