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  • cocacolacase3
    Mt. A students critical of Coke face censorship
    December 2, 2010, by Tracy Glynn

    According to Gardner, university administration have confirmed the incident did happen after speaking with representatives from the Coca-Cola Company. Ron Byrne, Mount Allison’s VP of International and Student Affairs, apologized [&hellip ...

  • mitch
    Breaking out of the gender binary
    November 10, 2010, by Mitch Rayner

    When I walk around campus you may not notice who I am. My short red hair and broad shoulders adorned with flannel and wide legged jeans cause my slender frame […]

  • Student union responds to Acadian Lines’ route request
    October 27, 2010, by Ella Henry President, St. Thomas University Students’ Union

    On behalf of students at St. Thomas University,  I would like to urge the Energy and Utilities Board not to grant Acadian Coach Lines’ request for a variance to the […]

  • cfswar
    Project Hero, education and occupation
    August 4, 2010, by Alex Corey

    “Project Hero” is a program recently introduced by the Canadian government to provide post-secondary education to the children of Canadian soldiers killed in the line of duty. Professors from the […]

  • STU Students’ Union opposes long-form census changes
    August 3, 2010, by Ella Henry, President and Craig Mazerolle, VP Education

    A letter sent to Tony Clement, Minister of Industry. The St. Thomas University Students’ Union represents the academic interests of over 2500 students in Fredericton, New Brunswick. St. Thomas University […]

  • Have you been seeing red squares?
    March 5, 2010, by Ella Henry and Alex Corey

    A student movement is growing on campuses in Fredericton. Students and supporters are being called on to “Unite! Fight inequality and create equal access to post-secondary education” and wear a […]

  • UNBSU issues slate of changes to election rules
    January 15, 2010, by

    “I think what happened in the last election is instructive on this,” he continued. “We had a slate running and then it was challenged, and then the appeals officer created […]

  • UNBSU votes to uphold online voting
    January 14, 2010, by

    On Monday, January 11th, the University of New Brunswick’s Students’ Union (UNBSU) debated and voted on a number of sweeping motions with respect to their electoral process. This first article […]

  • CSIS M.I.A.
    October 9, 2009, by

    During his time in Sudan, Abdelrazik was imprisoned and tortured. When he was finally granted permission to return home, he was blocked by the Canadian government. He was finally successful […]

  • What is Your Union Doing, UNB Undergrads?
    September 30, 2009, by Alex Corey

    Student Union Council meetings are held every monday at 5:00 PM in the Student Union Building, room 103, and are open to all students. Alex Corey will be covering student […]

  • img_0896
    What’s in a sign change?
    September 8, 2009, by Craig Mazerolle

    Fredericton – With Statistics Canada now reporting that the unemployment rate has risen again in August to now rest at 8.7 %, as well as that the student unemployment rate […]

  • group1
    Ignite Change Now: A report on the Global Youth Assembly
    August 19, 2009, by Marylynn Côté

    The GYA had many esteemed and accomplished speakers on the list.  Among them were Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, Craig Kielburger, Gary Martin and Steve “Buddha” Leafloor.  While stating that federal legislative […]

  • Does NB need a Public Interest Research Group?
    July 26, 2009, by Dave Steele

    Do you think that New Brunswickers would benefit from a Public Interest Research Group (PIRG)?  Do you want to help bring a Public Interest Research Group to New Brunswick?  Then […]