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June 11, 2018, by Susan O'Donnell

After a long struggle between Canada Post and its largest union, an arbitration ruling will mean a pay raise for rural postal workers across the country, including 360 workers in […]

Clinic 554 wants Premier Gallant to act on abortion access during the flood

May 8, 2018, by Valerie Edelman, Clinic 554 Manager

The following letter was sent to Premier Brian Gallant from Clinic 554 Manager, Valerie Edelman on May 6, 2018.  Dear Premier Brian Gallant, I am the ...

Collective grieving, calls to action mark vigil for Tina Fontaine along the Wələstəq

March 6, 2018, by Jared Durelle

“Here we are in the so-called free and great country of Canada that just let a criminal go for murdering an Indigenous girl of the age of 15,” ...

Women’s March Fredericton planning for diverse future

January 28, 2018, by Women’s March Fredericton Organizing Committee

More than 300 women and allies demonstrated their strength and solidarity at the second Women’s March Canada event in Fredericton. Imelda Perley, El ...

  • UNB professor explores white feminism [audio]
    January 24, 2018, by Sophie M. Lavoie

    The Feminist Lunch Series organized by the UNB Gender and Women Studies Program and the UNB/STU University Women’s Centre started on Jan. 22, 2018 with a talk by Dr. Erin […]

  • Panel tackles sexual harassment and toxic masculinity
    November 30, 2017, by Sophie M. Lavoie

    White Ribbon Fredericton put on its annual panel about sexual harassment on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017, at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). “It’s Everywhere: Sexual Harassment, Toxic Masculinity, and […]

  • Are Fredericton taxpayers subsidizing a “fake clinic”?
    April 13, 2017, by Susan O'Donnell

    The Government of New Brunswick has granted a property tax exemption to a company and property owned by Fredericton anti-choice and anti-abortion campaigners. The tax exemption is a subsidy that […]