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November 16, 2018, by Rick Doucett

Well, wasn’t that a rigmarole determining who our new government will be on the heels of an indecisive election? But in the end the process has played itself out and […]

When it comes to Saudi LAV sales, lobbyists will likely rule

November 16, 2018, by Yves Engler

Will they cancel the contract or won’t they? In order to understand Ottawa’s decision making process regarding General Dynamics’ massive arms de ...


Lest we remember

November 7, 2018, by Jeffrey Brown and Thom Workman

Remembrance day—November 11—is upon us once again. The red poppy has burst forth, and is now blooming on every lapel. And on the 11th hour of the ...

About the Chipman ‘straight pride’ debacle

October 29, 2018, by AJ Ripley

I was approached by a journalism student who is writing a piece about the Chipman ‘straight pride’ debacle. When I sat down to write her a ...

  • Up with Anglophone rights
    October 4, 2018, by Rosella Melanson

    The People’s Alliance party has a fixation on bilingualism and it begs an explanation. Actually, it reminds me of the story about a poor farmer who learns that his better-off […]

  • Moncton water belongs in public hands
    May 4, 2018, by Leo Melanson

    Twenty years ago this month, the City of Moncton signed a deal with a for-profit corporation to build, finance and operate our new drinking water treatment plant. No one disputes […]

  • Panhandlers need income assistance, not policing
    May 4, 2018, by Sylvia Hale

    The solution to the “problem” of panhandlers in Fredericton, if there is any problem, is to increase income assistance rates, not to increase policing. The rates are currently set at […]