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March 26, 2019, by Cecile Cassista

The government is the main funder for Community Nursing Homes in New Brunswick. So, what purpose or role does the Nursing Home Association serve? The need for the government to […]

Interest rate hike pause, workers’ wages stagnant

January 17, 2019, by Daniel Legere and Angella MacEwan

The Bank of Canada paused increases to their benchmark interest rate this week, partly because consumption spending and housing investment have been w ...

Allow Bishop’s House to be used as a shelter

November 30, 2018, by Taeyon Kim

Dear Mayor and City Councillors, I’m extremely disheartened by what is happening with the emergency Out of the Cold shelter. So many concerned c ...

CRA poll does not show “surging support” for the NDP

May 9, 2017, by Bruce Wark

To the editor, A front-page story published in the May edition of The Brief reports incorrectly that a recent Corporate Research Associates poll show ...

  • Irving paper defends Irving tax deal
    May 4, 2016, by Jean-Claude Basque

    Saint John City Council is trying to renegotiate a 25 year agreement it made with Irving in 2005 that gave the company an annual property tax break on its Canaport […]

  • No place for discrimination in NB health care: RJNB
    July 24, 2015, by Reproductive Justice NB

    As the Minister of Health, Victor Boudreau is responsible for ensuring that the plans, priorities and actions of New Brunswick health care providers are consistent, inclusive and equitable. His statements […]

  • Time for fair monetary return from NB’s Crown forest
    February 11, 2015, by Norval Balch

    New Brunswick’s Crown land forests are obviously our most important natural resource, so it only makes sense to manage them so that the province obtains a fair monetary return from […]

  • Give the gift of permanent status to migrant workers
    December 16, 2014, by Daniel Legere, President, CUPE - SCFP - NB

    This holiday season while Canadians gather with their family and friends, thousands of migrant live-in caregivers, the vast majority of them women, will be separated from their families.  These women […]

  • Maliseets, declare your pipeline stance
    November 19, 2014, by Andrea Bear Nicholas

    I am concerned about Frank McKenna’s comments that the Treaties of Peace and Friendship mean that First Nations would not have authority to impede development on land in the province. […]

  • The danger of electronic voting machines
    September 25, 2014, by Gary Heathcote

    Nearly all agree: A “fiasco” it was, “confusion” reigned and “technical glitches” explain the strangeness of election night results from New Brunswick’s “vote tabulation system.” Or, rather, from voting machines […]

  • My positive abortion experience
    September 5, 2014, by Jaden Fitzherbert

    I’ve been following letters to the editor that have been submitted in recent weeks, all discussing how terrible abortion is and how so many women regret their decisions and suffer […]

  • Moncton MP’s rape comments offensive
    July 11, 2014, by Patrick Colford

    We all slip up sometimes and say things that are inappropriate but Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe Member of Parliament, Robert Goguen, crossed the line this week when he asked a witness at the […]

  • When losing your job is supposed to be good for you
    September 23, 2013, by Jean-Claude Basque, an American IT company located in Fredericton, which received some of our hard earned tax dollars in wage subsidies, has dumped part of its workforce. Many workers lost their […]

  • Pipelines: Nation Builders?
    August 20, 2013, by Jean-Claude Basque

    It’s a game changer ! We need to grab the rope of economic opportunity! It could be a big win ! Economic tectonic plates are shifting! What is all this […]

  • noshalegas
    We are not the powerless: shale gas opponent
    July 23, 2013, by Marilyn Lerch

    I was wearing my “No Shale Gas” t-shirt the other day at a local store when the sales clerk said she would like two signs, those red and white ones […]

  • In support of taxes
    July 9, 2013, by Jean-Claude Basque

    I agree with the personal tax and the corporate tax increases that came into effect this July.  They were necessary because the Liberal government of Shawn Graham had drastically cut […]

  • UNB professors speak up for part-timers
    June 7, 2013, by Miriam Jones, President, Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers

    We take the unusual step of writing this open letter to the UNB Board of Governors because an injustice is being committed in your name. As you know, UNB management […]

  • Premier Alward, where is our senior care plan?
    March 15, 2013, by Karolyn Martin, Julia Breneol, Beth Anne Dolan and Robyn Lippett

    We are Social Work students who are gravely concerned about New Brunswick’s long-term care system. We want our work with seniors to reflect our values of respect and dignity. In […]

  • stopfrackingnow
    Consider parable of the boxes in shale gas decision
    December 5, 2012, by Norval Balch

    Your government may be well intentioned with respect to opening the Shale Gas Pandora’s Box (recall: the beautiful Pandora was given a box which she was not to open under […]

  • NB MPs need to support the unemployed
    November 28, 2012, by Jean-Claude Basque, Alma Breau and Michel Boudreau

    An Open Letter to Conservative MPs in NB, Mike Allen, Keith Ashfield, Bernard Valcourt, Rob Moore, Tilley O’Neill-Gordon, Robert Goguen, John Williamson and Rodney Weston. Your government, in the budget […]

  • VTT et nature
    July 23, 2012, by Jean-Claude Basque

    Les adeptes des VTT ne sont pas contents du tout. Leur Fédération est en pleine campagne publique et de lobbying auprès de nos députés conservateurs pour essayer de convaincre notre […]

  • Shale gas is not an economic cure-all
    July 6, 2012, by Charles Doucet

    In a recent article interview with Philip Knoll of Corridor Resources in the Times & Transcript (Friday, July 6, 2012), Mr. Knoll bemoaned the narrow focus of the shale gas […]

  • Cornhill residents express concerns with shale gas
    June 29, 2012, by Jane Bradbrook and Lawrence Jones, Cornhill Area Residents’ Association

    Dear Dr. Louis Lapierre, We are writing this letter to express our extreme fear register our concerns in the matter of potential shale gas or natural gas exploration and development […]

  • jean-jacques-piche
    Pension reform? Not good enough Mr. Harper!
    November 24, 2011, by Jean-Jacques Piché

    I worked at the Fraser Papers’ mill in Thurso, Quebec for 38 years as a machinist.  On each pay cheque, I contributed a portion of my wages to the pension […]

  • Shameful attacks on the poor
    October 13, 2011, by Jean-Claude Basque, Common Front for Social Justice

    Shameful! It’s autumn and hunting season is here once again. New Brunswick’s Minister of Finance, Blaine Higgs, will make money from hunting licences and since we are in debt, the […]

  • NB Federation of Labour grieves the loss of Jack Layton
    August 22, 2011, by NB Federation of Labour

    The New Brunswick Federation of Labour is saddened by the news that Jack Layton, the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, Canada’s official opposition, passed away after his […]

  • The future: what future?
    June 5, 2011, by Wayne Drysdale

    What does the future hold for us when our primary concern is making money and living the good life? We want all the best things for our children, so we […]

  • Soon to “Be… gone from this place”
    March 16, 2011, by Luc Walhain

    Here is one thing that the Conservative government of NB is doing right: getting rid of the NB provincial slogan “Be… in this place.” Its French equivalent was equally harrowing: […]