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  • Tarek and John in their own words
    September 29, 2013, by Tarek Loubani and John Greyson

    We are on the 12th day of our hunger strike at Tora, Cairo’s main prison, located on the banks of the Nile. We’ve been held here since August 16 in […]

  • Water they waiting for?
    March 18, 2013, by

    March 22 is World Water Day – established by the United Nations as a day to contemplate the importance of access to water for life on earth. On World Water […]

  • Israeli Apartheid Week in Fredericton
    March 1, 2013, by Fredericton Palestine Solidarity

    Learn about the illegal occupation of Palestine, how Israel is an Apartheid state and how to get involved in Palestine solidarity work. Lessons from Palestine: Right to education, academic freedom […]

  • rally-samira-nov-2012-sm
    Fredericton rallies for Gaza
    November 28, 2012, by Jack Gegenberg and Tracy Glynn

    About 100 people in Fredericton gathered in solidarity with Gaza over the noon hour on Saturday, November 24th. The rally was part of Canada-wide weekend events in solidarity with Gaza. […]

  • malala
    The misuses of Malala
    October 23, 2012, by Derrick O'Keefe for

    The shooting of 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai has unleashed a wave of revulsion and protest in Pakistan, along with a wave of media attention around the world. Across the political spectrum […]

  • adolfo
    In memoriam of Adolfo Ich Chamán
    September 28, 2012, by Multimedia presentation by James Rodriguez

    On this occasion I share a special multimedia presentation in commemoration of the third anniversary of the murder of Adolfo Ich Chamán. Mynor Padilla, head of security of the Guatemalan […]

  • german
    A home for German Chub Choc
    September 7, 2012, by NB Media Co-op

    Rights Action raising money for man left paralyzed from violence at a Canadian-owned mine site in Guatemala German Chub Choc, a young Mayan Qeqchi man, was shot and left paralyzed […]

  • deodora
    Divide and rule in the land of gold
    July 29, 2012, by Frauke Decoodt

    In San Miguel Ixtahaucán, Guatemala, the Marlin gold mine, operated by Goldcorp, has divided indigenous communities through gifts, benefits, and violence. The mine has caused a lot of damage. It […]

  • lolita
    Wave of attacks against women activists in Guatemala
    July 10, 2012, by Renata Avila

    The intensity of violence against female activists is on the rise in Guatemala. Lolita Chavez, member of the K’iche’ People’s Council, was attacked by armed men who attempted to lynch […]

  • Israel continues to pound Gaza, injure civilians
    July 4, 2012, by Craig Harrington for IMEMC & Agencies

    The Gaza Strip was besieged by airstrikes from the Israeli military once again Monday morning, July 2nd. Conflicting reports from Israeli and Palestinians sources leave the total number killed or […]

  • The “Soft Coup” in Paraguay and the Harper government
    July 1, 2012, by Todd Gordon and Jeff Webber

    “Although Canada’s political and economic engagement with Paraguay has been modest compared with other countries in the region, the Harper government, looking at the broader balance of forces, is happy […]

  • Freedom Flotilla 2 delegates deported by Israel
    July 26, 2011, by Canada Boat to Gaza

    The Freedom Flotilla 2 delegates from the Dignité-Karama have been deported by Israel, including Stéphan Corriveau of the Tahrir, who arrived back in Canada Wednesday, July 19th. Amira Hass’ eye-witness […]

  • Police charged for role in Bagua Massacre in Peru
    April 18, 2011, by Survival International

    Three senior police and army officers have been charged in connection with the deaths of 33 Peruvians during clashes between Amazon Indians and police in June 2009. Violence erupted in […]

  • Spent fuel pools at Fukushima may be burning
    March 15, 2011, by

    As of 9 am Tuesday morning, March 15, it appears that the spent fuel poolin Unit #4 of the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactor complex has probably caught fire due to a […]

  • singingsolidarity
    Local Voices Unite in Music, Justice, Equality and Peace
    December 1, 2010, by Janelle Frail and Moira Peters

    Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network launches holiday “Singing Solidarity” CD fundraiser Maritime artists are notorious for their generosity to their communities. “Singing Solidarity,” a CD in support of ...

  • Report from Rally to Restore Sanity
    November 7, 2010, by Kesten Broughton

    Former CHSR DJ Kesten Broughton has issued this report from the Rally to Restore Sanity held in Washington, D.C. on October 30. The rally was led by comedians Jon Stewart […]

  • canadianboatsm
    $152,000 and planning to sail March 30th to Gaza
    September 15, 2010, by Canadian Boat to Gaza

    With your help, the Canadian Boat to Gaza campaign has surpassed the half-way mark in our fundraising goal. Our holiday appeal helped bring in about $18,000 over the last month, […]

  • stefan
    My interrogation at the U.S. border
    August 24, 2010, by Stefan Christoff

    Under fluorescent lights at the U.S./Canada border, south of Montreal, questions on the war in Iraq and the Palestinian Intifada were fired towards me by officials from the U.S. Department […]

  • insidetent
    Raising the flag for union rights in Guatemala
    June 6, 2010, by Tracy Glynn

    Bottle distributors trying to unionize face 2-year strike, 2 assassinations GUATEMALA CITY—Guatemalan bottle distributors fired for trying to organize a union are in their second year of protest, camped out […]

  • Fredericton rallies for Gaza
    June 6, 2010, by

    Around 30 people braved Saturday’s downpour to protest Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla that killed 9 peace activists and injured dozens more. The group gathered in front of […]

  • p1020529
    Donations needed after Tropical Storm Agatha
    June 1, 2010, by

    Tropical Storm Agatha has hit our Guatemalan friends very hard. Many have visited Fredericton and other communities in the Maritimes in the past few years. They have shared their stories […]

  • comandante_everardob
    Widow brings war crimes to trial in Guatemala
    May 20, 2010, by Tracy Glynn

    Guatemala City – Eighteen years after her husband was captured, tortured and murdered by a CIA-backed Guatemalan military officer, Jennifer Harbury is preparing a lawsuit against those responsible. The Bámaca […]

  • juracan
    Guatemalan coffee a complex blend
    March 22, 2010, by Ben Sichel

    In May 2008, Juracan explained, after signing an agreement with Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom on a framework for rural development, the CCDA’s car was shot at six times while driving […]

  • MatthewHaiti
    Haiti’s untold story
    February 7, 2010, by Tracy Glynn

    The Canadian government uses what it calls the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine in countries they call “failed states” such as Haiti. The doctrine has been criticized for being an instrument […]

  • haiti_tent_city
    Haiti after the earthquake
    January 21, 2010, by Meaghan Balzer

    Meaghan Balzer, from Petitcodiac NB, shares her first-hand experience in Port-au-Prince in the days following the earthquake. Meaghan and her partner Bruno Allard had been teaching in Petionville, a suburb […]

  • haiti_earthquake_damage
    Earthquake Aid
    January 16, 2010, by

    Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and thousands are feared dead from the 7.0 earthquake that levelled Port-au-Prince on January 12, 2010. Give now and give generously […]