Fredericton: Protest Against Higgs Education Cuts

Written by on April 15, 2019

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April 16, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
New Brunswick Legislative Building
STUdents for free tuition
STUdents for free tuition's photo.

Protest Against Higgs Education Cuts

Tuesday, April 16 at 1 PM – 3 PM

New Brunswick Legislative Building

706 QUEEN St, Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 1C5
This is a student lead manifest in protest of the changes Premier Higgs has made to the Tuition Access Bursary Program.
Through expanding the program without expanding its funding as well, he has effectively cut education funding exclusively for the provinces most vulnerable students.
We as students demand:
  • Increased funding for the program, or at the very least expansion of the access bursary as it is and the Timely Completion Benefit to currently enrolled students to grandfather them out.
  • That the Higgs government freeze tuition across the province. As Higgs proved with this announcement, targeted free tuition inevitably leads to fiscal hawks such as himself making extreme cuts to these programs, and leaving the very poorest high and dry. The high price of tuition in New Brunswick needs immediate attention.

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