Promise of Home to host Our home is here – A Community Conversation

Promise of Home is hosting the Our home is here – A Community Conversation  on October 20-21 at the Cultural Centre, located at 28 Saunders St., in Fredericton. 

This free public event brings community members and policymakers together to  respond to stories of newcomer and immigrant experiences in New Brunswick. 

Promise of Home is a research project that supports local immigrants to share their  stories of whether Fredericton feels like home to them or not.  

Started in 2019, the project is led by Dr. Gül Çalışkan, a sociology professor at St. Thomas University who specializes in studying experiences of immigration. 

For Dr. Çalışkan, this event is essential because it will allow the Fredericton community to express itself: “We all know the importance of making our communities more  welcoming to immigrants so that they stay and make New Brunswick their home. But it  is also vital to create a society where the next generation can grow up with the diversity  that the rest of the country enjoys. For those reasons, Promise of Home has been  collecting stories for the past two years and now we want to share them with the  Fredericton community and have a conversation all together as a community.” 

Dr. Çalışkan’s current team includes Dr. Sophie Lavoie, from the University of New Brunswick’s Department of Culture and Media Studies, and various research assistants who have been working with the immigrant community in Fredericton to collect stories. 

Dr. Lavoie, whose work analyses Latino writers’ experiences of Canada, is interested in  the way people tell their stories: “We can learn a lot from people’s testimonials about  what is being done right and what needs more work in the immigration process.” 

The event kicks off with an interactive audio-visual exhibit on Friday, October 20th from  2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Attendees can explore stories of immigrants and newcomers, leave  messages about their experiences, and/or share their own story of making Fredericton  home. 

On Saturday, October 21st, community members will talk through the stories, identify  what issues matter most, and create suggestions for policymakers to strengthen and  retain diverse communities in New Brunswick. Activities will run from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00  p.m.  

During the event, Auralia Brooke, a doctoral student in the Faculty of Education at UNB  will be collecting and examining people’s responses to the stories.

Complimentary lunch and snacks will be available for all who register to attend. Register  ( 687221597297?aff=oddtdtcreator) by October 1st to help us plan. All are invited! 

Media contact: 

Valeria Solis 

Research Assistant 

Promise of Home

An image of people holding each other up. The text reads, "Our Home is here. A community Conversation. October 20-21. Fredericton Cultural Centre."

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