The People vs the Irving Dynasty [video]

Written by NB Media Co-op on May 8, 2019

The People’s Mayday rally in Saint John sparked the creation of a 5-minute video, The People vs the Irving Dynasty, about their action in the port city last week. The video was produced by Max Media, edited by Jon Pederson, and supported by the NB Media Co-op and the RAVEN project (Rural Action and Voices for the Environment). Scroll down to view the video.

In the video, a Mayday rally spokesperson explains that the purpose of the gathering, held on the doorstep of the Irving companies, was to “demand that they stop spraying poisons on our Crown lands… and that they pay their taxes and stop tax evasions.”

Last week the NB Media Co-op’s published a story about the rally, May Day celebration in Saint John targets Irving. The NB Media Co-op has previously published numerous stories about public opposition to glyphosate spraying, including recent meetings in Plaster Rock, “Stopping glyphosate spraying in a province captured by industry,” and in Tobique First Nation, “Spraying glyphosate on forests clashes with Indigenous rights.” Our RAVEN video with Charles Thériault highlighted how spraying glyphosate is killing our environment. For background on the Irving companies and the economic situation in the province, read our recent interview with Alain Deneault, “It is New Brunswick that enriches the Irvings, not the Irvings that enrich New Brunswick.”

The NB Media Co-op is publishing the Mayday rally video with its partner the RAVEN project to highlight the voices of rural people from across New Brunswick speaking out on these important issues. In the spirit of the Mayday celebration, we hope you enjoy viewing The People vs the Irving Dynasty.

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